Une entrevue avec Mme Genevieve ARGUIN, Directrice Générale pour “maison la Vigile” a Québec qui discute des effets traumatique que nos premiers répondants font face quotidiennement. Dans cette entrevue, les premiers répondants ont répondus a un double meutre-suicide a Montréal la semaine derniere. Mme ARGUIN explique d’avantage les services offerts par la Vigile. Par contre, chacun doit etre honnete avec sois-meme et aller chercher de l’aide lorsque necessaire. Ms. Genevieve ARGUIN, Director of Maison La Vigile (Qc) was interviewed regarding services offered to first responders in Quebec as a result of double murder-homicide this past week in Montreal. Ms. ARGUIN also emphasized on the traumatic impacts these type of incidents have on our first responders, but she also touched on the importance for them to get the help they need. Mental health services are offered, but individuals have to do their part and raise their hands before its too late. The Haven is looking forward to be established in Ontario. TO VIEW THE VIDEO, CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW (EN FRANCAIS) Go ahead
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Our lives are extremely busy. Between work expectations, workload demands and pressures, personal commitments and other family/ health issues, when do you ever take a moment to check-in with yourself? Let us guess, very rarely, perhaps never in some case. Body scans are very helpful when something feels off. Knowing your body and being able to recognize where the tensions are and where they are causing you harm is a proactive approach towards a good mental health. A healthy brain comes with a healthy lifestyle. Proper exercise and regular “me time” will allow you to disconnect and to recharge. The Canadian Institute of Public Safety Research and Treatment have a great self-assessment tool to check in with yourself. We encourage you to take a moment to complete and see how you are doing. See the link below. After completing the assessment, if you need to consult with a mental health professional, please see the link on the CIPSRT Web page at the beginning of the assessment. Thank you for taking the time to check-in on yourself. Go ahead
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On July 30th 2019, the Provincial Government stated that 60% of Ontario’s Firefighters are volunteers, many serving in smaller communities. Full-time Firefighters have benefits through work, while the maximum coverage varies per Service, volunteer Firefighters are on their own when it comes to mental health care. The Provincial Government is investing $3.8 billion dollars over the next 10 years into mental health for Ontario’s Firefighters. The Haven is a much more affordable and a much more accessible option, not only for Firefighters but for all First Responders and Uniform Personnel. We are seeking funding from Emergency Services Associations. Currently serving and retired members from any of the contributing Associations will be able to attend The Haven to get the help they need without having to pay the initial cost. Additionally, Ontario’s volunteer Firefighters will be treated at NO COST regardless of whether their Service, Association and/or Municipality contributes to The Haven. That’s how we look after our own. Posted by FFAO – Firefighters Association of Ontario on Monday, August 5, 2019 Go ahead
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Thank you Firefighting in Canada! We are very fortunate to be supported by different media sources. In this case, Firefighting in Canada publicized this great video explaining what The Haven will be about and what is happening. THANK YOU for the great video! Go ahead
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We have reached another milestone! We are so excited and so looking forward to see this much needed project live and operational. Keep spreading the word, the more exposure we get, the faster we get financial gain to purchase our physical location. Our business plan is ready to go. If you are an Association and/or a Group and you are interested to donate/sponsor us, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly discuss the next step with you 🙂 Our main objective is to be mainly financed by various First Responders Associations and individual donations. Thank you for supporting us, you are making a difference. If you want to get involved and help us in any capacity, please let us know. Go ahead
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